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Thank you for tuning into Lovecast. We can't locate the event because the URL is incomplete. Can you double check the following?

1. The URL is not missing the second part, e.g., the "0621-SDFJS" part from "https://event.lovecastapp.com/0621-SDFJS".

(If you are reading the URL from the browser (e.g. Chrome or Safari) on a different device, you can double click on the address bar to show the full URL, as Chrome hides the last part of the URL by default.)

2. There is no typo in the URL. Some common typos are mixing "0" with "o", "i" with "l".

3. If you copied the URL or opened it directly from the host's digital invitation, please reach out to the host as it is likely other guests have similar issues.

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